J. Jaime Mota

Jesús Jaime Mota was born in Mijas, Málaga. In March 1964. 

He began his photographic career in 1984 as a self-taught student, a year later he attended a U.P. from Mijas, and another from the ‘Colectivo Imagen’ in Fuengirola, where he arouses his concern for photography, and registers as a partner.

In 1995, the Andalusian photography federation awarded him as th best Andalusian photographer 94-95. His work focuses on reporting without neglecting artistic photography that combines travel.

Since 1998 he has taught photography workshops in different Spanish cities. Following a photographic prize awarded by the newspaper "El País" in 1995, he began his first contact with the African continent, since then he is passionate about the report, the result of several trips to Africa, the exhibition LA MIRADA AFRICANA, exposed in Málaga, Córdoba, Castellón, Barcelona, Ciudad Real, Jaén, Cádiz, Madrid, Gijón, Melilla, San Sebastián and Logroño. Years later, he extended the report to Asia, and with the union of several works from different countries, in September 2005 he opened ROSTROS, an exhibition composed of images of the most unique characters of his visits to Tanzania, Kenya, Gambia, Ethiopia, India , Thailand, Burma, etc ...

In 2003, together with his friend J. Luis García, they launched a humanitarian aid to a school-orphanage in northern Tanzania. This project is supported and co-financed by the foundation of international lions clubs, 200 Spanish families, companies and public institutions, resulting in the collection of 24,000 euros.

In 2005, together with journalists Anna Smith and Franco Rey, they report on the tragedy of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, transferring the material to the Lions clubs, for the campaign "HELP US GIVE THEM A HOME".

After seeing the efficiency and honesty of Lions clubs for helping the needy, he joined as a member in 2003.

In 2005 he received from the international president Ashok Mehta, a distinction for the work done in the Tanzania project and the collaboration in Sri Lanka.

In August 2008, he opened in Mijas (his hometown) the FOTOART photo gallery where he sells and permanently exhibits his photographic work. Three months later, in November, he published his first book: "ROSTROS" with the help of the Mijas Lions Club. 70% of the benefits of this book are destined to humanitarian projects where children and schools are helped.

In 2010 the American University of Cairo (Egypt) exhibits his work for 8 months, in the facilities of the new and old campus.

In 2011 he made his first photographic trip to China, where he made a report on fishermen with Cormorants from the Lijang River. In addition he begins to elaborate his second book "EL SILENCIO HABITADO".

On June 16, 2011, Jesús Jaime died in Mijas, his hometown, at the age of 47, after suffering a heart attack.

On June 30, 2012, his posthumous book "EL SILENCIO HABITADO" is published thanks to his son Alex Jaime, who is responsible for finishing it and bringing it to light, and the Mijas Lions Club. This book, like the first, allocates 70% of its benefits to humanitarian aid through the Mijas Lions Club.